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Why Healthcare Practices Must Offer Online Booking?


Nowadays, online appointment booking is more popular than ever and it emerges in every field such as Gym, Sports, Naprapathy, Spas and Beauty Salons, Massage Therapists, Education and Counselling, Photographer, Hospitality, etc.

Planning a long weekend gateway, book a hotel room, make a dinner reservation or buying tickets, it’s all done online. It not just for special occasions, customers do the same for common appointments like going to doctors.

One of the easiest ways to bring convenience to your patients is offer online appointment booking. With this online appointment booking, patients have transparency in your schedule and can choose the available time that best suits them. Moreover, they do not have to wait for regular scheduled working hours to schedule an appointment.

So, today, I will tell you about some statistics that conducted by Patientpop.com in Health and wellness fields to answer this question “Statistic shows why healthcare practices must offer online booking?”.

So, let’s check it out.

1. Patients want online appointment booking

In an age of dizzying technology and internet, consumers expect to be able to complete basic online bookings. If you’re not making it as easy as possible for medical appointment scheduling depends on patients needs, then you’re missing out on growing your practice.

If you’re not offering online appointment booking to your patients, you might want to start. I can tell you why by the results of this survey.

Survey conducted by PatientPop


Nearly half (42 percent) of the survey participants said they would like schedule an appointment online on a health care website, instead of scheduling it by calling to the office. However, only 17 percent of respondents said they now have the option to schedule an appointment online.


By using online appointment booking, you can give your customers a chance to book their schedule online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without waiting for someone to answer their appointment schedule. About 34 percent of new patients were able to make an appointment outside of office hours. That will increase your sales and drive profits as much as possible.

When it comes to have to access to schedule patient’s appointment, more than 74 percent are able to choose appointments the same day or the next day, filling empty slots. 20 percent of patients want to book for the next day and just 6 appointment scheduled online are for same day slots.

A report from Accenture.


  • 66 percent of U.S. health systems will provide online scheduling.
  • 64 percent of patients will make an appointments online.
  • 986 million appointments will be scheduled independently.
  • Value of online scheduling: $3.2 billion.

These figures show the potential of the healthcare online booking development in health and wellness. It also offers opportunities to attract new customers and retains existing guest and give healthcare practices a chance increase profits. What they have to do is to utilize this advantage and

Why online appointment booking?

Patients tent to prefer to use their device. Additionally, as the use of mobile devices continues to expand widely, it seems logical that healthcare practices should offer a means to directly connect a patient to the provider.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the current American population is 314 million now and it tends to reach 400 million in 2051. By 2030, one in five citizens will be age 65 or older that needing more appointments for their specific medical management. This growing will be reflected in the number of people seeking medical care.

Processes will need to be adapted to appointment requests. Integrating online appointment booking now can keep current patients satisfied while attracting new patients. Staff resources will have more time in-office patient care and assistance.

Why healthcare practices must offer online scheduling?

Below are 10 statistics about online scheduling that healthcare practices should know

1. Patients are frustrated with phone scheduling  Patients-are-frustrated-with-phone-scheduling    

2. A lack of healthcare online booking burdens administrative staff


52.2% of healthcare practices spend at least 10 hours a week scheduling and confirming appointments and returning patient calls and emails. More than 1 in 3 healthcare practices spend at least 30 hours per week. 2019 healthcare providers survey report: online reputation management, PatientPop

3. Attract new patients by healthcare online booking


4. Online scheduling help practices prosper



Above is the article of Statistic shows why healthcare practices must offer online booking? I hope this market report that I have collected here will have healthcare practices the overview in this health and wellness fields.

No matter what fields you are working on, it is essential and important to your business to have a healthcare online booking.

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