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What To Do With Your Online Booking Website

what to do with your booking website
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For appointment-based businesses, making an online booking website is important if you want to increase sales and ultimately build your business. My blog is gonna give you a better view about this.

An online booking software will help your business operate 24/7, reduce shows, allow your employees to spend less time on the phone and automate various aspects. in your business (you can read more about the power of online booking here).

In short, if you are not using the scheduling software, you will leave a lot of work on the table. A survey of 18,000 businesses found that 50% of them grew when they started making online appointments.

Remember: 90% of customers prefer to book online (according to the same study above). If you are reading this blog post, you probably know the importance of online booking software for your business. You have a stable customer base, a relatively complete calendar, but you are looking to get more.

That is exactly what we will show you. If nothing goes wrong, here are a range of tips for increasing sales (both online booking and other sales) with online booking website.

1. Use a booking software with the following featuresUse a booking software with the following features

There are plenty of choices when it comes to booking software, but not all are created equal when it comes to the features they offer.

However, choosing a booking software with the following features will allow you to maximize your sales:

  • A reasonable booking website
  • Email and text reminders (meaning a feature to reduce absences)
  • Recurring appointments and reset features – here are 5 tips for resetting customers
  • Mobile friendly
  • An online market
  • A customer management system (so you can know your customers more intimately and thus improve your customer service by providing personalized service)

2. Clearly show out that you offer online booking website

If you want to revolutionize online appointment scheduling, it’s important to take certain steps. This includes making it very clear that you offer online reservations.
Remember: just installing your scheduling software is enough; If you want to maximize your sales, it’s important to make it clear that your business is accepting online bookings and continues to plug in from time to time. If you’re just starting to accept online appointments, one of the best ways to tell customers about your new service is to contact your previous customers and let them know you’re currently accepting bookings. online room.

In this particular case, it’s important to specify an email marketing campaign to your new booking website. Encourage them to book online by providing a coupon code, a free account or something similar. Once you have contacted your previous customers, the next step is to make it loud and clear that you offer online reservations through your booking website and just about every other place your business has. you can see.
Potential customers will come to your site through different pages, so it’s important to place the ‘Put books online on every page of your site. Make sure you also have a strong call to action on your homepage and landing page. Book now, for example, as a strong call to action.

Here are a few additional ways you can tell customers about your online booking software:

  • Mention it in your voicemail box
  • Include it in your email signature
  • Include a book from our Links online on your business card
  • Let them know email marketing (if you are a Yocale user, you can send unlimited messages to your customers via Yocale custom templates.

3. Collect emails and market to these clientsCollect emails and market to these clients

When you make a traditional reservation by phone, you usually don’t require an email address. You ask for the phone number and that about it. It’s another great aspect of the scheduling software – an email is often required to complete the booking process.

When it comes to business, one of the first things you’ll hear is the importance of building an email database on the first day. According to the 2016 Email Monitor Campaign’s 2016 Annual Email Marketing Report, email marketing generates a profit of $ 44 per dollar spent.

Email marketing is the best possible marketing method, going far beyond social media. In any case, when you have an email database, you can use email to reach your customers with exclusive content, special offers / promotions for appointments as well as any real estate. empty product you can sell. For example, if you’re a beauty salon, you’re probably selling all shampoos and conditioners at the store. In any case, think of it via email as another source of revenue for your business.

4. Call of membership joining

If your scheduling software offers the ability to offer membership. This is a great way to increase your monthly recurring revenue.

Fitness-based businesses tend to use membership only, but other businesses can use membership as an additional revenue stream and customize membership the way they want.

Consider the membership model of Netflix, compared to the model of Redbox. In 2014, Redbox brought in 1.89 billion. Netflix, on the other hand, made three times this amount through its subscription service.

5. Reward for a online book on your booking websiteReward for a online book on your booking website

It is much cheaper for customers to make an online appointment than accepting phone, email, etc. Put simply, these methods stress your resources.

Then one way to increase sales through online booking website is to reward your customers who book online. That encourages them to book more. Whether you offer small discounts or some types of freebee after they book online, you can increase your sales by encouraging your customers in some way.

6. Use software’s online marketplace for booking website

Not every online booking software will provide an online marketplace. However, if it’s yours, it’s a good idea to take advantage of it. That means completing your profile and even updating it with relevant information (such as changing working hours, etc.).

In short, the market will connect you to a list of customers using that particular software to schedule appointments.

Watch this video if you are at the beginning.

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To wrap up:

That all what you should notice when operating your booking website. Running a booking website is never be so easy. However, you can sort it out if you know what you’re gonna do, and what for.

Software scheduling can significantly increase your reservation. But, remember: if you want to increase the number of your online reservations, you should do everything on this list.
Sign up for a Booking with Google, add booking buttons to Facebook, make sure your reservation software provides text reminders, etc.

Do you have any specific tips on how to increase sales through booking software? If so, we would love to hear more below.

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Best regard!