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Top WordPress Booking Theme Templates


You can generate a site that can manage and welcome online reservations and bookings with the top WordPress booking theme templates in this post. Surely you will realize an appropriate choice here because the themes include a lot of goals and styles.

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Moreover, all these theme templates bring you much freedom over how the online booking system of your website is configured as they are super flexible. Thanks to this, you can identify the availability, pricing, and other settings of the appointments and bookings. Besides, you can be easy to permit online payments, or select to solve things directly instead when the time comes.

Booking trends in the patient aspect

To see accurately what is available, you should check out their online demos since a lot of these WordPress booking theme templates consist of more than one pre-built website that you can import into your website.


This theme template consists of all the features requested for this kind of project. The attractive choice of pre-built site demos assures that it is appropriate to multiple sites. They comprise the ones for lawyers, accountants, accommodation suppliers, and contractors. Actually, it could be a great match with super multiple demos to choose from. Nevertheless, you can be comfortable to utilize the demos when they come. Kingo attaches a strong page builder tool to help you adjust the pre-built content to be suitable for your hobbies.

This is a feature-packed selection comparing favorably with the other WordPress booking themes in this collection. The A/B testing tool is a specially helpful feature of Kingo. You cannot find another feature like this in every online WordPress booking theme. You can realize which design, copy, and other selections work best with your audience when it comes to the conversion ratios of your site with the capability of running split test. Therefore, this template can help you if you want to know what types of calls to action receive the most clicks from your visitors.


You can choose how long bookings can be, if there are any needs to have a break between bookings. Besides, you can choose how your users can pay for their booking when you set up your website. You will get full control over the type of bookings or appoinments via your site because of the online booking system of the Kingo template. Plus, if you want to sell services and goods from your site, it owns adequate E-commerce support to make it happen whether they accompany with the online booking system or not.

This theme owns a design with the essential features to accept online bookings. This helps you improve your services.

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Thanks to the various choices of demos in the Homey package, it is possible to generate a lot of booking sites with this theme. They consist of pre-built sites for boat rentals, booking accommodation, and workspaces. When you have selected a demo from the available choices, it can be imported into your website in only some clicks. Then you will begin uploading your listings, adding your content, and applying your branding to the website.

This theme is a flexible all-in-one booking platform with a lot of site demos. Though the choice of demos has arguably been produced to a super high standard, you can personalize them easily if you want via the theme selections control panel. Most of every aspect of your online bookings website can be customized at the touch of a button with super multiple settings and controls to play with. The Homey theme package consists of the strong Elementor page builder for more hands-on customization work. This make it possible to open any of the pre-built content for editing via a visual interface.


You will receive multiple selections with this theme when mentioning to configuring how your bookings appear on your website. You should have no trouble generating a site behaving and looking in a way to rival the sites of the market leader. The reason is that Homey comprises an adequate set of online booking forms and other helpful features as well. Its feature list and professional design can help you if you desire your site to look trustworthy to your potential customers. Homey is very likely to be an ideal option for your online bookings site.

WP Rentals

The demos in this theme package give you a fast tip to build a booking website for welcoming appointment bookings online and hiring out equipment as well. Moreover, with the other demos it stores, you can utilize it for longer bookings, for example, accommodation and hotel stays. The booking system integrated into WP Rentals is very flexible, making it highly likely. So that, whatever kind of reservations you want to work with, you can configure the system to be suitable. This comprises support for bookings every hour. With discounts for longer bookings available and other options, pricing can be configured accurately how you want it.

The way to generate User dashboard of WP Rentals:

Through your WordPress site, WP Rentals enables you to list and welcome bookings for items, accommodation, and services. It owns a strong search tool to help your visitors realize the true item they are seeking, no matter what the item is, a kind of accommodation, equipment hire, or others. Thanks to the filters and other search features, seeking the desired options is super simple.

In conclusion:

You have discovered several booking theme templates now! It is time for you to be creative! You can choose one of the booking theme templates mentioned in this article or other booking themes.

Do you have any ones you think should have made the list? Just let me know in the Comment section below!
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