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Online Appointment Scheduling Statistics 2020

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Nowadays, thanks to the growing rapidly of technology, businesses don’t need to rely on convention method such as phone calls, texting and paper calendars. Because of the advent of online appointment scheduling. If your business is one of those appointment-based companies, you definitely need to know how important booking is to your cash flow.

For example, if you closed for the day. Does that mean clients have to wait until the next day to book their schedule? But now, with online appointment scheduling, your business is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In other words, your customers can make a booking whenever it fits into their schedule (without you or your employees having to be there). Consumers spent over $450 billion in 2017, and that number will only go up. Additionally, studies have shown that immediate availability when shopping for products or services dramatically increases the number of purchases or appointments.

Not only helps businesses not just in setting schedules but also in many other ways like promoting customer loyalty, improving efficiency, and increasing income. With online booking, you’ll capture more of the people looking to schedule an appointment.

That’s why I’ve presented Online Appointment Scheduling Statistics 2020 to help you better appreciate the value of online booking statistics and recognize the benefits that come with appointment scheduling. Let’s check it out.

Online Appointment Scheduling Statistics 2020

1. Appointment Scheduling Software Market Statistics

According to a recent online booking market report, the global online booking software market continues to expand widely. The annual growth rate is expected to increase to 15.1% by the year 2024. With its total market value reaching $360 million.

The largest share of the total online booking market size continues belongs to the United States. Even though the Asia Pacific—through China and India—is expected to overtake the US. Because the strong economic growth as well as increasing the popularity of the internet strongly impacts to the use of online booking. This increasing use of online booking software will drive this growth in Asia Pacific area.

  • The estimated value of the global appointment scheduling software market is expected to 360 million dollars in 2024.
  • 1% is the estimated compound annual growth rate of the appointment scheduling software market.
  • 40 percent The US share of the total market of the wold.
  • The price range of appointment scheduling software is up to $150 per month.

2. What is the most popular services for online booking?

What is the most popular services for online booking?


Above is the chart of most popular services for booking online. Both you and me can see that Health and Wellness is the most popular service (25 percent)

In an age of era, when health is always the top concern for customers. With this online appointment booking, patients have transparency in your schedule and can choose the available time that best suits them. It’s convenient and beneficial for both customers and doctors or health advisors.

Medical Appointment Scheduling Statistics:

  • 78.8% of healthcare providers say they have used a patient portal to enhance the patient experience.
  • 42% of patients prefer to book appointments online.
  • 54% of healthcare providers provide portals that allow for appointment scheduling and requests.
  • 77% of patients think that having the ability to book, cancel, or change appointments online are important.
  • 64% of patients are seen to use self-scheduling in the coming years

(Source: FinacesOnline)

Online appointment scheduling is a solution for large and many small business. They make it easy for businesses to offer their services and set up meetings.

  • 25% of online bookings make up health and wellness services.
  • 60% – the percentage of online booking rates that spas and salons can achieve.
  • Spa and salon customers who book online make frequent visits.
  • 38% of spa and salon bookings go for same-day appointments.
  • 35% of total appointments are booked by men.
  • 25% of customers book health and wellness appointments online.
  • 65% of total appointments are booked by women.
  • 79% of appointments booked by men are for cycling and triathlon coaching appointments.
  • 88% of appointments booked by women are with beauty salons and spas.

Which features that business look for in an online appointment scheduling system?


2. Appointment scheduling statistics

A recent online booking research suggests that these tools are beneficial for organizations. Not only improve customer loyalty and operational efficiency, but it’s also drive more profits. But more importantly, online appointment scheduling contributes to customer experience. The following statistics will give you a general idea of how online appointment scheduling has been going so far.

  • 350,190 – The total number of appointments booked in 2018.
  • 53% – online bookings made by staff.
  • Online booking has been found to reduce staff labor.
  • 58% of healthcare providers use online booking.
  • 45 hours is the average lead time between booking and service fulfillment.
  • 76% of clients use mobile devices to book appointments.
  • 12% of clicks have been found to result in appointments.
  • 29% – the percentage of reduction in no-shows with automated reminders
  • Sundays from 4:00 to 8:00 PM is the most popular day and time to book appointments.
  • 40% of online bookings are done after hours.
  • 70% of salon and spa appointments are booked from mobile devices.

3. How customers find online booking pages


Social media (37 percent) becoming popular means of finding online booking pages. The second-most popular is web referral (31 percent). Following is Direct (28%) and Organic Search (3.5%). The last one is the Paid Search (0.5%).

Thanks to the popularity of social networks, this has become the most popular means of searching online booking pages. Businesses based on booking should mainly take advantage of this and develop on social networks. It is no coincidence that social media has become the most popular tool. Because of the convenience and ease of finding online booking pages.

4. Financial and Time Savings from Online Booking Statistics

Thanks to online appointment scheduling, it helps the process of online booking easy. It offers a huge cost savings. The statistics listed here will help you know more about the benefits of using online booking.

  • $3.2 billion – the estimated value savings from using online appointment scheduling.
  • 39% of Gen Z individuals prefer receiving customer service by phone, making online appointment scheduling vital to retaining a younger client base.
  • 10 hours per week – the estimated time savings from healthcare providers’ use of online scheduling.
  • 61% – the estimated airfare cost savings from advanced online booking. a

The above statistics have given you specific numbers about how online booking saves financial costs. Thus, you can analyze and consider the benefits of having online appointment scheduling for yours. For a good reason, online appointment scheduling offer accessibility, quick and easy arrange schedule, significant time and cost savings. Besides, the process is automatic and help eliminate errors from human intervention.


Above is the article of Online Appointment Scheduling Statistics 2020. I hope that I have brought many essential and useful information to you guys.

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